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Welcome to Our Website!

Hello and welcome to the Apple Run Horses and Ponies website.  At Apple Run we breed APHA, AQHA, and APPR registered horses and ponies of the finest quality and highest caliber.  We specialize in developing extremely versatile, competitive horses with amiable, trustworthy temperments.  We offer many other services as well.  Enjoy browsing our website, we have a lot of neat things on here.  We have a jokes section as well as some neat Q&A.  Enjoy your time with Apple Run!

How to Use Our Site

Our site is organized in what we hope to be a simple and easy to understand way.  But just to make it a little more simple, this is our explanation section.

  • About Us: This page tells you all about what Apple Run does and what it stands for.  It has a list of services, such as training, boarding, and breeding, and how we work things here.  It also tells you about the many other things Apple Run is a part of, besides the equine world.\
  • Mares: This page has a complete list of all our current mares, as well as some conformation photos to show you what each mare has to offer.  It lists what stallion the mare is bred to at the time, or what foal they are currently nursing.  It also includes a brief summary of each mare, including age, height, name, and a little bit of random information.  If you want to know more about a mare, or see more pictures of her, you can just click on her name to take you to her very own page (this part is still under construction).
  • Geldings: This page does the same as the mares, but for our few geldings we keep around for lessons and activities. 
  • Stallions: Our stallions page is where you get to see our shining stars.  Our boys are breathtaking and deserve to have their own page.  Each stallion's section includes what the mare's get, as well as their winnings, their pedigress, and stud service information.  It is a great place to go for picking out the father of your next big winner!
  • Babies: This is a list of all the babies our stallions have had since arriving on our ranch.  It includes three pictures of each offspring, as well as height, color, and gender, as well as winnings.  These horses are not neccessarily owned by us anymore. 
  • For Sale:  This is a list of the horses we currently have for sale.  They have a short description of the horse, but we can provide more information on the horse when asked. 
  • Sold: These are some of the horses previously owned by Apple Run. 


Important Notes

TO PEOPLE ON WEBS.COM THAT BROWSE RANDOM SITES: Please try to stay only the the joke pages, and no more inappropriate comments in the comment boxes!  Some of you ruin this site for others.  This is not a blog or kid's and teen's website, it is a business website.  We pay a lot of money to have it run as an elite status website.  Please keep away if you can't be nice.

ABOUT THE SALES PAGE: Sometimes our sale page is not up to date.  We may have already sold a horse that is listed on our sale page.  Sometimes we have horses for sale that are not listed on our sale page.  Inquiring is the best way to see if we have the horse you are looking for.

ABOUT VISITING OUR STABLES:  Please do not come and visit without an appointment.  Sometimes we are not home and then cannot show you our fantastic horses.  Occasionally, such as the Equine Herpes scare, we are quarantining our stables and do not allow visitors.  Sometimes we have boarded horses or rescue horses on the property that can be aggressive or dangerous, and we do not want anyone getting hurt.  We are almost always home in the summer months, and we are also almost always home after three any day of the year.  We love visitors, we just want to keep our stables safe.

OTHER CONFUSING THINGS:  If you have questions please refer above to the How To Use Our Site section.  It should answer all your questions.  If not, you may contact us by way of the Contact Us button floating around on the left side of the site page.  Enjoy walking through our cyber-stable.